The format for the learning targets in the CSRA RESA Writing Center is taken from the Formative Instructional Practices (FIP) Module, Creating Learning Targets. The FIP process is a viable way to ensure that instructional planning meets the intent of the standard. An individual standard (e.g., ELAGSERL1, “Citing Evidence”) builds incrementally from kindergarten to twelfth grade in such a way that missing a step in second grade may cause confusion and problems in sixth grade.   The progression of skills inside a standard likewise develops throughout the year, from Laying the Foundation, to Mastery, to Extending the Standard. 

In the following Learning Target Models, we have striven to strike a middle ground between being too detailed and not detailed enough.  It is important for the individual teacher to assess his or her classes and students, making informed judgments on which fundamental skills are necessary and which may be omitted.

Learning Targets Kindergarten

Learning Targets 1st Grade

Learning Targets 2nd Grade

Learning Targets 3rd Grade

Learning Targets 4th Grade

Learning Targets 5th Grade